Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Possible new MQ on Sunday, September 14th, at 9:00 EST

China's Wildman - Sunday September 14 09:00 PM

Take a journey to the Far East, to the remote Chinese province of Hubai to discover what locals have dubbed the "Wild-Man." Witnesses have reported seeing a creature that is covered in reddish-brown hair, walks on two legs and is anywhere from five to seven-feet tall. Chinese authorities have collected over one hundred samples of unidentified hairs from the alleged monster and claim that it is just a matter of time before they capture this "Wild-Man." Join an international team of experts in a search for answers.

Check local listings for time and channel. (This is the episode which features Dr. Jeff Meldrum and his trip to China back in May of this year, shortly before the Ohio Bigfoot Conference.)

Review: Monsterquest 8-20-08

This was a pretty great episode, featuring a look at Sasquatch in the Whitehall, New York area, with Dr. John Bindernagel, Bill Brann and Steve Kulls, along with the NESRA organization in the woods to conduct an expedition in the hopes of flushing one out in the woods. Retired police officers Dan Gordon and Brian Gosselin are interviewed and their sightings are recreated very well. Other witnesses are also interviewed, as are some skeptics, one of which seems to believe that Sasquatch is a projection from our minds or some gobbledygook like that. Paul Bartholemew is also interviewed about his interest and longtime collection of reports in the Whitehall area (he is co-authoring a new book due next month on reports in New York State and New England). Incidentally, Brann and Bartholemew are co-authors of a book which came out in 1992 called Monsters of The Northwoods which is now considered a classic in the vein of books by John Green and Grover Krantz.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rerun still scheduled for August 27th

Gigantic Killer Fish - Wednesday August 27 09:00 PM

New Monsterquest Wednesday...

What is the Monster of Whitehall? In 1976, in upstate New York, several police officers reported seeing an animal that they couldn't identify. It was described as a "large creature, seven to eight feet tall, walking like a gorilla hunched over and making a sound like "a woman screaming." More than 30 years have passed and the sightings continue. The original police officers have agreed to be tested. Follow our team as they work with local researchers and renowned wildlife experts on the trail of the Monster of Whitehall.

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 60 minutes

Genre:Mysteries of History

Check local listings for time and channel.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No new episodes of Monsterquest after August 13th, at least for two weeks

Review: Monsterquest 8-6-08

This was a rather interesting (if a bit tedious) episode, dealing with Vampires in America, which had perfectly plausible explanations. Bodies from the past which had blood around their mouths were mistaken for vampires, but turned out to have a more plausible explanation, and the bodies seem to be moving, but again it has a more plausible explanation. Several investigators look into the Vampire Mystery, such as Michael Bell, Nick Bellantoni and one other investigator, who mainly looked into the phenomenon of psychic vampires. There are two people who are interviewed who claim to be real vampires, but blood tests run on them show they are perfectly normal and not actual vampires. An author, Konstantinus, who knows a great deal about real vampirism is also interviewed and dispels myths about vampires, such as they only come out at night and cannot survive in daylight. Next week, I think is about the Boneless Horror, a giant octopus, beginning at 9:00 EST/8;00 Central on History. Check local listings for time and channel.