Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review: Monsterquest 7-8-09

Really well-done episode!!! Some notes:

Jim Hebert-1994, Grand Teton Park witness

Jeff Meldrum-Footprint Examination

Bill Munns-examination of the P/G Film.

Dr. David Begun-Paleoanthropologist

James "Bobo" Fay-BFRO member

2,500 sightings since 1969

Freeman footage examined, as is the Cripplefoot casts from Bossburg Washington

Bill Munns' work is highlighted on the P/G Film

The team of Munns, Bobo and others will attempt to measure the site of the P/G Film, led by Doug Devine

The team will attempt to fly over the film site, but the weather is not cooperating

David Murphy is also profiled, the man who is writing a biography on Roger Patterson

A recreation of Roger Patterson taking and passing a polygraph test is shown, which was written about in National Wildlife Magazine

Professor Jeff Sedlik is a forensic examiner who is also attempting to analyze the P/G Film

Mapping technology is being used to determine a chart of eyewitness accounts since October 20, 1967, by Frank Orr, a GIS specialist

The mapping is done based on average rainfall and its correlation

Casts are examined by Dr. Meldrum on the program in his usual attention to detail

The Freeman footage is examined next, and given an endorsement by Meldrum

Sedlik attempts to clean up the image to examine it properly

The helicopter team attempts to land near the P/g Filmsite, but it seems impossible due to excessive snow

They land close to the film site and attempt to hike into the site, but that is abandoned

Munns decides to instead do a photogrammetry examination of the site via photos

Based on the work he did with photogrammetry, he determines the height of the creature, along with the fact that Patterson used a 15-MM lens on his camera

Munns then builds 5 different heads to determine the actual head shape of "Patty"

He conducts experiments with the five heads and comes to a startling conclusion

Two witnesses from Wenatchee, Washington saw a Sasquatch there in 1976

The two fired shots over the creature's head, and frightened it off

Meldrum is seen examining tracks which show a mid-tarsal break

Meldrum believes this finding may the most significant since the Bossburg Cripple

He consults an orthopedic surgeon, David Howe, on his opinion on the Cripplefoot casts

Dr. Begun is skeptical, especially of the P/G Film

Munns is of the opinion that the film is real, using an overlay

An experiment is conducted with the five shaped heads to see if motion blur could account for the different shapes of the head shown in the film

it is shot on the same type of camera Patterson used and also on a High-Definition video camera

Dr. Howe believes the Cripplefoot cast shows a fracture, which indicates it is real and not hoaxed

Dr. Sedlik is on the fence on the P/G Film

Munns cannot get a human to fit into the proportions on "Patty"

His conclusion is that it is real

The various experts interviewed were split, but open-minded

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John said...

One of the best episodes yet... hopefully the debate about the PGF will be settled sometime soon.